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Thursday, 27 April 2017

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The sad facts about smoking tell us that teenagers are more likely to take up smoking than older people, but why is that, when we see all the billions of dollars spent on anti-smoking campaigns? The American Lung Association has estimated that for each minute of every day, about 4800 teens will take a drag off a cigarette for the first time. Roughly 2000 of these will become chain smokers. While many of the adult smoking statistics show hope, the statistics for teens are depressing.
Teens seem to act as if they are dangerous or special. When they smoke, they can act on those feelings, due to the stimulant affects of smoking. The very facts about smoking, that they know it's not healthy, and not allowed on school campuses, makes it more appealing to them. If they're young enough that their smoking is breaking the law, that can cause an addiction all its own. Teens usually crave attention, and smoking gets them that attention.
Here are some experiences common to teens who smoke:
They enjoy trying to hide their smoking from others.
They feel pressured at home and school, and they use tobacco to relieve the stress.
They begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol.
They begin to use illegal substances.
They are reported to officials at school for skipping class.
They think they may need a job to support their smoking.
They feel that they have little hope of going to college.
They don't perform as well at sporting events.
They isolate themselves from other students.
They feel they're not a part of the school they attend.
They don't perform well academically
They took their first drag off a cigarette when they were in 6th or 7th grade.

Sometimes, facts about smoking tell us that young users of tobacco enjoy school more when they start smoking. They don't worry about the risk factors, because in most cases their best friends smoke, too, as does the group that they eventually hang around with. If the teen becomes successful or joins a pro-social group or an athletic team, they will be more likely to stop smoking.

For most of us, the times have changed. What we didn't know years ago has been brought to the surface, and we know what serious health conditions smoking can cause: high blood pressure, emphysema and various types of cancer. People are living healthier and longer lives and, except for school locations, the age-old idea that smoking makes you "cool" is gone. Cigarettes are full of chemicals that are harmful, and the final result is that drugs can cause serious harm to people. Visit Site


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